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Reports and Articles I've written or been directly involved in:
How product carbon footprinting evolved over the past 5 years, on
My (ghost written) perspective published by the Guardian on livestock emissions and why it doesn't make sense to assume the now is the future!
DairyCo's first GB milk footprint report (data & calculation system certification, report review).
A Climate Week 2012 article - "Food, the carbon story".
The dairy industry as a world-leading sector in sustainability.
Someone who should (and probably does) know better talking rubbish in order to sell their own products - not an approach to build trust in a new industry.
FAO-IDF Dairy Guidelines (acknowledgement credit).
Dairy Guidelines - DairyCo and DairyUK's milk carbon footprint methodology (main technical author).

Public domain* projects I've been directly involved in:

Continuing excellence in certification practice, as Carbon Trust Certification achieves another first - accredited by UKAS for PAS 2050: 2011, following our industry defining achievement of the same for PAS 2050: 2008.

McDonald's beef footprinting was well underway in 2010 with their farmers.

And the latest developments in 2013, with a free "What if" tool for farmers available here.


EBLEX, the English Beef and Lamb Executive have worked with The E-CO2 Project to benchmark the carbon footprint performance of lamb production in the UK.


Following on from their long-running iconic use of the Carbon Reduction Label on cow's milk (amongst many others), Tesco are fully engaging their Sustainable Dairy Group in carbon footprint and efficiency benchmarking.


Sainsbury's also have an extensive farmer engagement programme, including carbon footprinting as an efficiency tool.


To continue the agriculture theme, GrowHow are the UK's only fertiliser manufacturer and filled a big gap in the food footprint story by having their products certified in 2012.


Samsung started a series of smartphone footprinting projects in 2012.


Formica footprinted some 90% of the thousands of products they sell worldwide in 2012.


Cargill's brand, Truvia, began its sweetener footprint programme in 2011 and continued this commitment through 2013 by using the Carbon Reduction Label.


Danone have been using carbon footprinting to drive sustainability improvements for Evian Water for a number of years.


The Brazilian steel industry has been active in this area too, with carbon footprints certified for Metalsider's pig iron and Teksid's engine blocks.



* The nature of certification means that a number of projects are confidential.

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